Winter 2017 Update

Fall/Winter Update 2017

The Transitional Council for the College of Massage Therapy of Alberta (TC-CMTA) is pleased to provide all stakeholders with the following update on their activities for the last several months.

  • In cooperation with Alberta Advanced Education, Private Vocational Training Branch, the TC-CMTA has taken on the process of reviewing applications for all new training programs related to Massage Therapy that request licensing in Alberta.
  • In the Spring of 2017, consultation letters were sent to all of the Regulatory Colleges in Alberta requesting feedback on the application to regulate Massage Therapists under the Health Professionals Act. The one common thread in all of the feedback received is that there is support for regulation of Massage Therapy in the province of Alberta.
  • In early Summer 2017, all education institutions teaching a 2,200 hour Massage Therapy training program were invited to an open consultation session with the TC-CMTA to discuss regulation activities and mechanisms that the schools can undertake to ensure they are teaching to the national competencies.
  • Dialogue has started with the Canadian Massage Therapy Council for Accreditation (CMTCA) on mechanisms that can be undertaken for accreditation of educational institutions delivering Massage Therapy education in Alberta to ensure they are meeting the national standards.
  • In the Fall of 2017, the TC-CMTA provided responses to interview questions from the media for stories surrounding regulation of the profession in Alberta.
  • The TC-CMTA has now completed all of the required consultations on the application for regulation with all feedback being provided to the government. The next steps towards regulation are expected to be reviewed early in 2018 with government.

If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email